shutterstock_519670600Hardwood Flooring Myths, Debunked!

Choosing the right floor for your home isn’t a simple feat, and it’s crucial that you do your research so that you choose the best choice for your requirements. We would like to help you make an educated decision, so keep these common myths in mind while doing your own research.

1.Hardwood floors can’t hold up to wear and tear away from children and pets

Wood species change concerning durability and hardness. To optimize durability and expand the lifespan of unfinished hardwood floors, manufacturers apply a paint coat to minimize wear and tear, and you will find great finish products that can withstand heavy foot traffic such as in restaurants and malls, and in home.

2.Wood floors show dust and dirt over other flooring options

It is an advantage that timber floors reveal dust particles more than other flooring choices because if ignored, your floor can harbor dirt and mould, lowering the standard of air in your property. This may cause allergies or contribute to more serious respiratory conditions to you and members of your loved ones. When dirt and dust is clearly observable, cleaning becomes easier and you could always be confident that you’re not breathing damaging dust particles or dander, that has been known to cause serious breathing difficulty.

3.Wood flooring doesn’t make for a Fantastic investment if you plan to Go

In comparison to other flooring material, homes with hardwood floors sell faster and for more money, according to a survey of property representatives in the U.S. Adding hardwood floors into your house can in fact increase its earnings cost by 10 percent, which makes it a reasonable investment.

4.Maintenance is tough with hardwood flooring

On the contrary, wood floor maintenance is very easy. Regular sweeping and dusting (or mopping) is enough to remove dirt and grit from between floor boards. Over a time of time the cleaning regimen and visitors will begin to cause wear and tear, however hardwood floor refinishing ensures your floor doesn’t age horribly regardless of the quantity of traffic in your home.

5.Wood Flooring are costly

Hardwood floors installation is actually cheaper than many people imagine. Though the acquisition cost may be slightly higher than that of different kinds of flooring, wood flooring will establish cheap in the long run due to minimal maintenance. With good installation and proper care, hardwood floors can endure hundreds of years while additional flooring last 10-20. This means that other types of flooring will need to be substituted 5-10 times as often as hardwood flooring, which separates wood as a much better investment for the long term.

For Fulham Hardwood Floor Installation, Choose Floor Sanding Fulham

We hope we helped you debunk some common misconceptions about hardwood floors so that you may keep it as a top-contender for the new flooring. If you’re at the Fulham Area and looking for the Ideal professionals for your job, contact the group at Floor Sanding Fulham. Our family-owned business has made a name for itself with our quality workmanship and high customer satisfaction with established outcomes. With over 20 years expertise in both residential and commercial hardwood flooring, Floor Sanding Fulham must be your initial call today. Contact us by phone at 020 3369 4980 Or online via our contact form.

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