shutterstock_429689848— Always sweep or dust mop, or vacuum your bamboo flooring every day to keep it clean and fresh.

— Consistently vacuum an oak floor before washing this eliminates the majority of the grit and dust prior to starting.

— Clean your bamboo flooring working with a product specifically designed for its particular end.

— Don’t wet mop or use excess water to clean your bamboo flooring (wood naturally expands when it is wet and will cause the floor to crack or splinter).

— Do use a professional walnut floor cleaner to remove occasional scuffs and heel marks (just spray some cleaner on a cloth and rub the stained area gently ).

— In case a heavy scratch or gouge happens, remove the affected board and replace it with a new one.

— Do minimize water vulnerability and wipe up spills as soon as possible, to prevent stains and warping.

— Move rugs and furniture occasionally so the impact of sunlight on the pine floor is uniform.

Ask a professional to take action to make sure the installation is done correctly.

— With only a little bit of care and maintenance, the attractiveness and quality of a bamboo floor can endure for a long time.


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