Best Hardwood For Decking

shutterstock_640709743Hardwood decking is recognized as the conventional and among the most wanted decking alternatives. An option that becomes increasingly more enchanting with the passing of time; this choice is regarded by some as the only alternative when it comes to decking. At Floor Sanding Fulham we’ve got a whole assortment of decking alternatives , such as a superb recycled alternative, but in this guide, we will concentrate on hardwood decking.

At Floor Sanding Fulham we are frequently asked,”What is the very best hardwood for decking?” While there is no hard and fast response to this, it struck us that writing an article that summarized the various characteristics and advantages of all those hardwood decking goods we have available could be a fantastic idea.


Iroko is an African American exotic hardwood and is recognised for being exceptionally durable with a rich color and a particularly attractive ageing procedure. In reality, Iroko, that sports a deep colour when fresh, ages to a dark chocolate color, which makes it a really appealing backdrop to any garden design. Add to all this, the simple fact that choosing this alternative is a great financial decision too, and you start to see why Iroko decking is indeed common.


This South American exotic hardwood begins its life more vibrant than Iroko and takes to a silvery grey color as it ages. A particularly strong and fire resistant alternative, we’ve got both a typical cumaru deck alternative as well as a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited option, both of which will give you a stunning decking solution for your garden. Not surprisingly, the FSC accredited deck includes a slightly higher price tag.


Again a South American option, Ipe decking is highly popular and although at the middle of our cost scale, remains an extremely inexpensive solution. Ipe is an environmentally friendly wood because it’s a natural resistance to rot, decay, insects and mold, so does not need any harsh chemical treatments. Thought to be among the hardest woods in the world, ipe has a tendency to start its lifetime sporting brown to dark olive tones.


There’s no getting away from the fact that teak is just one of the hardwoods that is most frequently connected with decking. Hailing from Indonesia, teak is an exotic hardwood which starts its life with a golden color. As teak ages it takes on a really attractive silvery gray colour and seems to only get better and better looking as it gets old. While an investment choice, for the long term, there’s no getting away from the fact that teak is a very appealing, durable and timeless decking option. What’s more, as a result of the natural oils, the need for preservatives and sealants is completely minimal once you select teak; so it is a very low maintenance option too.

So to sum up, what’s the ideal hardwood for decking? As we mentioned at the beginning, there’s absolutely no hard and fast rule for this, however the specific things you will have to take into consideration will be your budget and also the color you would enjoy your decking to choose as it ages.

If you would like help to pick the ideal hardwood to your deck job, why don’t you get in contact? At Floor Sanding Fulham We all know that each customer is unique and we will help you make the best option for your specific circumstance and budget.


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