How to deal with scratches and scuffs

pexels-photo-202672There is nothing like getting a brand new floor in your house or office to offer a fresh look and feel.

Whether you’ve bought a solid hardwood flooring, laminate, or even a luxury vinyl floor, it is important to understand how to eliminate pesky scratches and scuffs.

Dealing with scrapes on your hardwood flooring

In case you have heavy furniture inside your home, consider buying pad protectors that you can put under the thighs.

You might even put mats near exterior doors to capture dirt and grit which may cause minute scratches.

If the worst comes to the worst, and your protective coating occurs to be scraped, begin by cleaning the affected area using a microfibre fabric and a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner.

When you have wiped off the cleaner, then apply an appropriate coating of protective end onto the scratch, which should ideally be the exact same brand that’s used on the rest of the ground.

In case you have a solid hardwood flooring, an option for excessive damage is sanding the floor down and refinishing it.

In both cases, it’s best to talk to specialists like ourselves to comprehend the optimal solution to your floor.

Dealing with scrapes on luxury vinyl tiles

It’s common knowledge that vinyl tiles are highly resilient to scratches and large impacts, but as we all know, accidents do of course occur (particularly in the kitchen).profile

As with a wood floor, you ought to start with cleaning, and for this you will need to use a sponge and hot dishwashing liquid to deal with the scratched tile.

Once dry, you can use clear epoxy resin mixed with acrylic artist’s paint (matching the colour of the flooring) to place within the scratch before levelling out it and leaving it to dry.

If you happen to have excess damage to a certain place, the benefit of luxury vinyl tiles is that you may only need to replace a single tile instead of the whole floor.

Scratches on laminate flooring

Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate flooring cannot be sanded down, meaning that marks on laminate flooring need to be dealt with using wax or putty.

Again, contact Floor Sanding Fulham so we can provide you with the correct information (and when possible, the appropriate tools for the job).

You can put on the wax with a specifically designed pen, moving the tip back and forth through the scratch with short strokes.

run-1611585_1920When it has been filled in, use a soft cloth to buff in the edges until it blends with the rest of the ground.

In the case of significant scratches or scrapes, you might want to replace the entire board, however as with luxury vinyl tiles, this can be done both easily and quickly.

Regardless of what type of flooring problem you are having, Floor Sanding Fulham is always available to help you with your floors support needs.

Contact us 020 3369 4980 in the event that you have any questions about damage to your flooring

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